Our Process


 Interior Design

Concept Through Brand Acceptance And Beyond


We use design creativity and cutting-edge technology from concept creation through brand adoption and beyond. We use innovative technologies such as 3D renderings and walkthroughs to guarantee that our designs perfectly comply with brand requirements. Our special design methodology enables customers to clearly visualise the end result and explore several design alternatives adapted to their individual demands.

Our thorough approach includes the production of concept drawings, renderings, and material boards to correctly represent our design thoughts. As the design grows, we painstakingly supply completely dimensioned CD drawing sets, including thorough plans, interior elevations, and specs. We prioritise acquiring brand approval through our design submissions to ensure adherence to brand guidelines.

From the initial concept stage to securing brand acceptance and well into the future, our unwavering commitment is to assist our clients in crafting an extraordinary visitor experience.

Prototype & Mockup

Our extensive services cover the whole range, from designing mock-ups to coordinating procurement.

We painstakingly assess and improve concepts through our design prototype and mock-up process, assuring optimal performance in real-world circumstances. We provide high-quality projects that stand the test of time, adhering to specifications and plans while using our creative design technologies and accuracy.

A design prototype is a useful tool for understanding project needs from the end user’s point of view. Our evidence-based design process ensures that our initiatives are productive and valuable. This critical stage in the process allows customers to make essential design changes and additions prior to mass production, significantly saving construction expenditures that might otherwise result from time-consuming changes during construction.


Your Top Source For Reasonably Priced Furniture


Leverage our dedicated offshore manufacturing facility to streamline your entire procurement process. Stay well-informed with weekly progress updates on your project’s transition into production, courtesy of our proficient procurement management team. You can also achieve cost savings through direct purchases. Harness the power of our expansive vendor network and our deep-seated expertise in offshore manufacturing to your benefit. From production to installation, we stand as your top choice for cost-effective furnishing solutions.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

We Are The Greatest Source For Hotel Furnishings And Hospitality Interior Design.


Our comprehensive knowledge enables us to adhere to stringent quality control and assurance processes throughout the manufacture of case goods in the fast-paced hospitality business. We specialise in navigating the complex FF&E and OS&E landscape through direct engagement with suppliers and manufacturers. Rest assured that we give competent help at every step of the way, providing a smooth trip for our clients.

Logistics & Delivery

Track Installations In Real-Time And Receive Updates On Their Progress.


Our excellent logistics and delivery services ensure that you are constantly up to date on the progress and location of your shipment. Our devoted team guarantees that our clients have a smooth experience by providing regular updates throughout the process.

Services & support

Beyond Signing Contracts And Behind Each Initiative


Our dedication to quality extends far beyond project completion, and we take great pride in our work. Whenever you need help, our committed Customer Care Team is here to help you every day. Our unwavering commitment to quality and service has resulted in strong industry alliances.