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RK Hospitality Design has an impressive 16+ years of combined industry experience in the fields of hospitality, design, architecture, and procurement. With a strong emphasis on Interior Design, Logistics & Buying. we shine as Procurement, Senior Living specialists for both innovative building and restoration Projects.

Our strength is providing an all-inclusive solution given by knowledgeable experts under one roof. Work with us to create designs that perfectly reflect brand guidelines and improve the guest experience at your hotel, under the direction of our talented designers. We expertly handle the Brand approvals while planning procurements, logistics, and installations to make sure your project stays on schedule and within budget.

Our Mission

As ambitious procurement leaders, we serve the hospitality industry. Our team is made up of highly skilled designers, architects, project managers, and construction workers. We are the ideal alternative for your forthcoming PIP renovation and new construction project thanks to our effective procurement and logistical solutions.

Values That Support The Reputation

Design Your Space To Be Attractive, Efficient, And Timeless.


At RK Hospitality Design, we excel in our meticulous design approach, combining state-of-the-art technology with a focus on accuracy. Our commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of the projects we undertake, from design solutions to quality assurance.


Count on us to deliver on-budget and on-time solutions for your project. Our dedicated team is ready to support you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. We take pride in providing excellent service and keeping you informed about all aspects of your project.


At our core, we value honesty and transparency in our business practices, adhering to a strict ethical code of conduct. Our track record speaks volumes about our work. With open communication, we guide you through each step of the project, upholding business integrity as a top priority.

Community Impact

At the heart of our value system is the recognition that our work has a profound impact on the lives of those we serve and extends beyond. Giving back is deeply ingrained in our ethos. We dedicate our time and resources to support charitable organizations, making a positive difference in the communities we touch.

Our Team

RK Hospitality Design takes great pride in its exceptionally diverse workforce. This global team has played a pivotal role in fueling our company's rapid expansion. As we continue to grow, our unwavering commitment to fostering a company culture characterized by transparency, open communication, and a relentless focus on delivering outstanding service remains at the forefront of our mission. We firmly believe in upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct, not only within our business operations but also among all our associates and stakeholders. At RK Hospitality Design, we hold the conviction that our diverse and highly talented team is our most valuable asset, and we recognize it as the Milestones of our ongoing success.

Naveen Bhandari

(Founder/ CEO)

Email – naveen@rkhdesign.com

Chetan Bhandari


Email – cb@rkhdesign.com

Lakisha Hamler

Project Manager

Melissa Guster

Senior Interior Designer

Cherry Kapoor

Vice President of Sales

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